Running a hotel requires a lot of attention and effort. Hoteliers have many things to keep an eye on, and pretty much all of them take place offline. If your online reputation is perfect, you’ll need to maintain it. If there are any issues, you’ll need to find a way to recover. Whatever your case is, we hope that tips and tools for reputation management from our article will help you to avoid any reputational risks.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a set of measures aimed at cultivating your digital reputation. This is the process of controlling what others see about your business online. It includes monitoring the mentions of your brand, responding to reputational risks, and creating marketing campaigns that improve visibility.

The main goal is to form a positive public perception of your company on the web. The most important ORM channels for that are:

● Social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

● Paid media (Social media ads, Google Ads, and other sponsored content)

● Earned media (External articles, blogs, forums, review sites you don’t control, etc.)

● Owned media (Your own website and blog)

● Videos

● Customer Reviews

The benefits of a good online reputation

● Better guest trust

● Improved search engine rankings

● Boost in room sales

● The attraction of the best industry talents

● Competitive advantage over similar properties

A strong online reputation will help you to stand out from the competition, providing you with more bookings all year round.

The consequences of a damaged online reputation

● Unfair working conditions

● Employee misconduct

● Data breaches

● Inadequate quality of service

● Misuse of social media

A poor reputation is also associated with increased costs for hiring and retention, which means lower revenue and higher liquidity risk.

You can manage your online reputation in an active and passive way.

– The passive approach is based on the monitoring and analysis of what people on the Internet think of your hotel.

– The active approach lies in proactive measures for building your reputation.

10 Tips on online reputation management for hotels

1. Protect the name of your brand.

2. Stay open to criticism.

3. Respond quickly on social media.

4. Show empathy and respect towards your guests is the golden rule.

5. Don’t get into quarrels.

6. Survey your guests.

7. Optimize your hotel website for search engines.

8. Adopt a multi-channel strategy.

9. Become a storyteller about your brand’s values and culture and spread it online and offline.

10. Remember that your brand’s appearance is important.

It is worth remembering that in today’s digitalized world, a guest can find out everything about your business in a minute. So don’t let your reputation live its own life and your efforts will pay off with more bookings.

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