Booking Engine

Booking Engine for Hotels makes it easy for them to book your hotel online

Why MMR Hotel Booking Engine

Slot-based booking engine for hotels

Allow your guests book room by slots. A flexible feature that converts 40% more visitors to bookers

Custom check in/check out

Let guests choose flexible check-in & check-out times and book hotel on their own terms


Maintains synchronisation by updating data on PMS and channel manager


Sends Email and SMS notifications to customers on bookings and cancellations of rooms

Dynamic pricing

Booking engine for hotels offers intelligent demand based dynamic pricing for slots


Cross-sell various add-ons that shows extra services to guests ensuring quicker conversions.

OTA like dynamic UI

Sleek and multi-featured OTA like UI that is designed to make visitors want to book with you.

Multi-currency support

Easily price your inventory and collect payment on your Hotel booking engine in foreign currencies.