Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management Services

MMR can help you to optimize the revenue results of your hotel.


Our revenue management and yield experts will be incorporated into your hotel management structure and operate as a part of your team. And we will take on the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development.


Property Assessment. Hike your gross revenue by 20 – 30%

Thorough assessment of your property's presence across various online platforms and figure out the scope of improvement.

Improve property’s online visibility

We follow industry best practices and OTA recommendations to optimize your profiles.

Yield and Revenue Strategy

We implement dynamic pricing and upsell strategies, apply rate benchmarking, maintain rate parity and perform competitor analysis to optimize your overall business revenue.

Intelligent Reporting

We regularly monitor and keep you updated with your property’s performance by providing a pace report, revenue report, monthly and yearly reports.

How much revenue can your property earn?