In a resounding achievement, MMR Hotels, India’s premier Revenue Management Company, has proudly marked a significant milestone by securing 500 hotels as their esteemed clients. With an exceptional track record of managing hotels across India and generating a remarkable 100,000-plus room nights on a monthly basis, MMR has solidified its reputation as a leader in revenue optimization within the hospitality sector.

Renowned for its dedicated team of experts, MMR is driven by a collective goal to elevate hotel revenue across all Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Their unique working model is founded on a two-pronged approach that focuses on inventory and rate optimization, enabled by state-of-the-art software designed to generate business intelligence. This strategic approach ensures that each client’s inventory is meticulously managed to maximize revenue potential.

Central to MMR’s success is their unwavering commitment to enhancing the RevPAR (Revenue per available room), while simultaneously prioritizing the growth of room revenue without compromising the Average Room Rate (ARR). This dual focus highlights MMR’s dedication to not only increasing revenue but also sustaining the overall value proposition for their clients.

“At MMR, we are driven by the mission to assist our clients in delivering innovative guest experiences while driving substantial value to their businesses,” states the Founder and CEO of Make My Revenue, Mr. Rohit Tiwari. “Our greatest strength lies in our cohesive team spirit, a cohesion that has been forged through years of collective experience and shared vision. We firmly believe that great people constitute a great company, and this belief underpins our dynamic and collaborative work environment.”

Mr. Rohit Tiwari
Mr. Rohit Tiwari

Guided by their creative founders, MMR continues to forge ahead as a trailblazer in the realm of revenue management. Founder and CEO, Mr. Rohit Tiwari, brings a wealth of expertise garnered from a career spanning nearly a decade. His extensive background includes leadership roles at renowned travel platforms like Goibibo-Make My Trip and Stayzilla. Notably, he has demonstrated his prowess by collaborating with governmental bodies such as the MP Tourism Board. Mr. Tiwari envisions MMR as the world’s trusted and innovative Hotel Management Company, one that thrives on collaboration and relentless problem-solving.

Mr. Amandeep Singh
Mr. Amandeep Singh

Complementing Mr. Tiwari’s visionary leadership is Vice President Mr. Amandeep Singh, a stalwart in the hotel management arena. With over 22 years of experience, including prestigious positions within the ITC Hotels group, Mr. Singh’s expertise encompasses front office management, sales and marketing, and hotel operations. His expansive network of connections with major hotel chains across India has undoubtedly contributed to MMR Hotels’ impressive growth trajectory.

As MMR Hotels’ client roster soars to 500 hotels, their vision remains steadfast—to be the leading global Revenue Management Company that empowers clients to make informed decisions through the synergy of Data Science, Technology, and Human Insight. Their mission is to create value for clients by implementing cutting-edge strategies and technical solutions, ensuring every hotelier leverages the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM).

At the heart of their success is a profound dedication to research and the application of modern technology. MMR aims to elevate Business Intelligence standards within the hospitality sector, enriching the industry with data-driven insights and best practices. Undoubtedly, the celebration of MMR’s achievement in securing 500 hotel clients is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their clients’ success.

As MMR Hotels gear up for their ambitious expansion plans, their ethos of empowering hoteliers with revenue optimization strategies remains unshaken. The company’s presence in central and western India serves as a testament to its capabilities, and its expansion into the northern, north-eastern, and southern states is set to redefine revenue management in these regions.

With a proven track record of excellence across central and western India, MMR Hotels is now poised for a remarkable expansion into previously uncharted territories. The company’s growth trajectory is set to encompass the northern, north-eastern, and southern states of India, marking a significant stride in its mission to redefine revenue management.

This ambitious venture is underpinned by MMR’s commitment to its core principles: data-driven decision-making, innovative strategies, and visionary leadership. As the company leverages its experience and expertise, it seeks to empower hoteliers in these regions to unlock their properties’ full potential.

By venturing into these diverse landscapes, MMR Hotels is not only enriching its client base but also contributing to the transformation of the hospitality sector on a broader scale. As MMR Hotels continues to revolutionize revenue optimization, its expansion into new horizons reinforces its position as a beacon of progress and innovation within the industry.

Hoteliers seeking to unlock the full potential of their properties in these upcoming regions can look to MMR Hotels as a beacon of expertise and visionary leadership. With a track record of success and a commitment to data-driven excellence, MMR Hotels are poised to revolutionize revenue optimization in the ever-evolving hospitality domain.

With a visionary leadership team, an innovative approach, and an unwavering focus on data-driven excellence, MMR Hotels continue to redefine revenue optimization in the hospitality domain. To learn more about MMR Hotels and their transformative services, visit their official website at

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