Welcome! Whether you’re a new property owner looking to learn or an existing operator looking to optimize this blog will give you plenty of help to sell your accommodation’s rooms effectively. Let’s look at some tactics that will help you attract the attention of more guests and win them over.

Here’s 11 ideas you can try:

1. Sell your destination

For guests, your destination is just as important as the hotel they stay in. Work on creating content, such as blog articles, that talks about all the great things a traveler can do in your area. You can even work with other companies or tourism organizations to promote your destination to particular audiences.

2. Manage your third-party channels effectively

Generally the more OTAs you can connect to, the more bookings you’ll get. To ensure you’re reaching a diverse range of guests around the world you should sell your rooms through at least five channels.

3. Reward your guests

A guest who’s stayed with you before is much easier to win over than a new guest, particularly if they have an incentive to stay again or recommend you. Guest rewards might include points or discounts for staying again, purchasing upgrades, or referring friends or family.

4. Establish local partnerships

If you’re in an area that attracts tourists then you aren’t the only business looking to capitalize. Work with other businesses to create packages and bundles that will add value to a guest’s stay and convince them to choose you.

5. Broaden your horizons

If sales are low, you might consider changing some policies at your hotel that will bring in more guests and ultimately earn you more revenue. For example, you might open your property up to pets or allow children under a certain age to stay free. These are the kinds of incentives that many travelers will jump at.

6. Upselling and cross-selling

Guests love to have flexibility and choice within their booking. Upselling gives them the option of enhancing their stay for an extra fee. This could be a room upgrade. Cross-selling allows them to buy extra items that compliment their booking, such as a massage service.

7. Different strokes for different folks

You need different tactics for different markets, so it really depends on who you want to target.

8. Retargeting

Retargeting is a way to win back people who visited your site but didn’t book with you. You can use Facebook or Google Ads to serve them ads about a page or room they looked at while on your site. Retargeting is useful because much of the time, travelers won’t book the first time they visit a website so reminding them of your property increases the likelihood of them coming back to you when they are ready to make a decision.

9. An optimized website

Nicely created optimized website is the key for any successful business. Websites can impress customers immediately.

10. Cross-promotion

Create deals and packages that coincide with the events – these may be business conferences, concerts, festivals or sporting events.

11. Technology

The adoption of technology is becoming more important with each passing day for the hotel and travel industries. To make sure to keep up, properties owners need to consider how they will use technology to succeed.

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We hope this blog helped you start selling more rooms at your property!

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